Ben Abbes reveals plans to extend Europe to include Mediterranean countries

Reports close to Mohammed Ben Abbes have indicated how the French president plans to increase French integration with Europe over the coming months and years. It is the first major foreign policy that has emerged from the Muslim Brotherhood leader’s government since being elected.

Sources have indicated that Ben Abbes will look to shift Europe’s centre of gravity towards the south. This is not a unique vision, as there are already existing organisations pursuing this goal, such as the Union for the Mediterranean.

ben abbes turkey.jpg
Ben Abbes in Turkey discussing the extension of Europe to include Middle-Eastern countries

With the expected extension of Europe, the first countries projected as likely to join up will be Turkey and Morocco. These countries are expected to be followed up by Tunisia and Algeria, reports indicate.

In the long term, ambitious plans also seek to include Egypt, though there is an acceptance that this may prove more challenging.

map mediterranean
A leaked map indicates the countries Ben Abbes sees as essential in his creation of a greater Europe

Meanwhile, European institutions-currently regarded as anything but democratic-shall evolve towards a more direct democracy. The outcome of this is a likely president of Europe, elected by the people of Europe.

This is seen as the key reason why the integration of all Mediterranean countries with high birth rates, such as Turkey and Egypt, could be key, as Ben Abbes true ambitions appear to be elected as the president of Greater Europe.


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