The ‘Ben Abbes effect’ begins to be felt across the rest of Europe

The influence of the political shift felt in France over a year ago, with the election of the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Ben Abbes, continues to extend across Europe.

The Muslim Party of Belgium has just won the national elections, becoming the second country after France to have a Muslim party win an outright majority.

Muslim parties already occupy seats in other European countries such as Britain, Holland and Germany, but this is considered big news for the balance of European politics. President Ben Abbes has immediately issued a warm statement hailing the victory of the Muslim Party of Belgium.

Meanwhile, back in France, the effect of Ben Abbes’s government and policies have shown a massive increase in interest in Islam, with Robert Rediger’s book, Ten Questions on Islam, riding high in the bestseller list.

Copies of the Koran now adorn many houses around the country

With the gradual introduction of polygamy into the country, the book has gained increased curiosity for male readers in particular.

It is interesting to note if the intrigue in Muslim lifestyles in France will also translate onto the European stage. With the addition of the Arab states, the linguistic balance of Europe appears to be shifting towards France. It is expected that sooner or later, the European Union will make French the working language of European Institutions, along with English.

The Obscurer sought to contact Francois, a lecturer previously interviewed, to find how he had been dealing with the upheavals in society. Having lost his position as lecturer at Paris III for being non-Muslim, The Obscurer expected to find Francois struggling to adapt.

We were shocked to find how much Francois had changed. “Yes, my intellectual life was finished”, he notes, “Though I could still participate in vague colloquia and live on my savings and my pension; I started to realise-and this was a real novelty-that life may actually have more to offer”.

Somewhat to our surprise, Francois informed The Obscurer of his intentions to convert to Islam. Francois even goes as far to extend an invite to The Obscurer to attend the conversion ceremony.

“The mosque will not be closed for the ceremony”, Francois tells us, “The idea is that I should bear witness in front of my new Muslim brothers, my equals in the sight of God”.

The Obscurer attends a mosque on a day when many people underwent conversions to Islam

At the ceremony the following day, we sit and watch as Francois calmly testifies: Ašhadu an la ilaha illa-llah, wa ašhadu anna Muhammadun Aabduhu wa rasuluh.

“There is no God but God, and Muhammad is the messenger of God. And then it would be over; from then on I’d be a Muslim”.


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